Things to do in halifax dating

16-Dec-2019 11:08

It’s open on other days as well, but rather sedate.

Saturdays bring musicians and a full house of food and wine booths, handicrafts, and other items. On the first level, near the centre, you’ll find a stall selling “lobster rolls”, basically chunks of lobster meat in a bread roll!

The Georgian-style church was built in 1750, only one year after the founding of the city, which makes it the oldest building in town.

It has been designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

To orient yourself and learn a bit about Halifax’s history and landmarks, take a Halifax Free Tour (donations only).

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Whether you’re on your first date, or celebrating your tenth anniversary, it’s always nice to do a little something out of the ordinary.Arranged around cobbled courtyards and along the boardwalk are shops, cafés, and pubs.If you’re in town on a Saturday, make sure to check out the at the southern end of the boardwalk.Saving on sightseeing and activities lets me keep more money for eating!

🙂 So without any more ado, here are 10 free things to do in Halifax.

On a warm(ish) summer day, half the town seems to be down here. The commercial section (along Young Street) is small but offers pizza, sushi, a bakery, and several shops.

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