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08-Jan-2020 18:13

Cruise's former wife, Nicole Kidman (pictured in 2004), was disconnected from her children (Connor, left, and Bella, right) after she stepped away from Scientology.Bella didn't even invite Kidman to her wedding last year, even thought they were in the same city at the time The Church of Scientology has vehemently objected to the book and its claims against David Miscavige, who has threatened to sue.The device is small and light, and comes with a clip to attach to brim of a cap, shirt, or belt.The Voice will speak the distance at a touch of a button – the default is the distance to the center of the green, but pressing and holding down the main button will cycle through distances to the near and far points of the green.Value: While the device has one of the lower prices for a golf GPS device, it is a “tweener” in the market – it doesn’t provide the hazard data available in less expensive devices (such as the Bushnell neo or IZZO 3000 devices), and it lacks the functionality of the more feature-rich devices that we have come to appreciate.The primary differentiator is voice, and whether you value that feature will exclusively determine whether you like this device.This places the Golf Buddy Voice at tops of the field in worldwide course coverage. The Bad: We can’t cycle through distances as quickly as we would like, and when doing so, the order is center-near-far.We didn’t find having a small screen plus voice capability to be a useful combination.

We found the Golf Buddy Voice to both be slightly less accurate, and often take more time to lock on to a correct reading (on one occasion we saw the Golf Buddy Voice take up to a full minute longer to lock into an accurate reading).It was nice to have the additional information available, but the awkward interface deterred our review staff from taking the time to find the near and far green distances unless it was absolutely necessary.

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