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The loss of the baculum probably goes with the greater diameter and non-retraction of the human penis.It is probable that some changes relate to the changes in the female reproductive tract associated with bipedal locomotion, and the need for the birth canal to permit passage of the much larger human head.Because of this there was a selective advantage in deferring reproduction for quite a while beyond puberty.Those couples who delayed reproduction were likely to have a higher number of offspring who survived, because they were in a better position to support such children.These observations support the fact that phimosis arose as a specific development in the evolution of the genus Homo.

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Interestingly, in the orang-utan (Pongo) the glans is exposed in juveniles, but not in adults, which is the complete opposite to what occurs in humans.

It is most pronounced in Gorilla and not defined at all in Pan (chimpanzees).

In the great apes phimosis is unknown, even in infants.

It thus becomes obvious that circumcision arose as a means of regulating this entire process more precisely.

Circumcision was able to define exactly the age at which a male could begin reproduction.

The penis of humans (Homo) differs considerably from the penis of the other hominids – Pan, Pongo and Gorilla.