Trigger updating same row

05-Jan-2020 00:01

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For this example, let’s create a Zap that uses Eventbrite as the trigger that will update a sheet every time there is a new attendee to an event.This way, we can keep an up to date sheet of attendee contact information in a Google Sheet and track who is attending the event.Under that field, you will want to be sure to fill out any and all fields you wanted to update in your spreadsheet, using the data from your trigger step.The last steps here then are to test your Zap, make sure the row was updated in your spreadsheet, and turn on your Zap.For this example, we'll pick “Email" because we want to conduct a search using the email address of the attendee who registered for your event through Eventbrite.In the “Lookup Column" section, you’ll need to choose which column you want to search by in the drop-down menu.Now that the Zap has found your row, you’ll want to use the row ID that was returned to dynamically update records.

With non-transactional storage engines, if a BEFORE statement produces an error, the statement will not be executed.If there is a match, the step will be successful and the Zap will move onto the next action step, with the ability to use data from the row that was found.

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