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He might invite you out to see his truck cab...accept the invitation and take it from there.Some truckstop men's rooms are amenable to understall action, and some trucker lounges that are darkened and show movies have been known to be good places to grope a buddy up before going somewhere more comfortable...When you're done, get yourself together and let yourself out when traffic is clear (and close the door behind you).If he doesn't pop the door open, he might roll down his window--that's an invitation to "come talk".WHERE TO FIND A TRUCKER In the United States these days, this is the most difficult task ahead of a trucker chaser for one simple reason: too many cruisers were obnoxious and tried to make truck cruising areas into free-for-alls by running around in bad drag or with their pants around their ankles, by leaving used rubbers and porn and shit-stained underwear laying around, and by being TOO fucking aggressive and/or obvious.As a result, many rest areas are closed or have truck parking/trucker washrooms separated from the ones for the general public, many truck-only parking lots are posted "commercial vehicles ONLY" with high fines if a four-wheeler is caught there, many commercial truckstops have video surveillance and their own security force, and remaining places are closely scrutinized and patrolled by law enforcement. You can still cruise many of the places that remain, but you HAVE to look like you belong there.

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probably not....), video and human surveillance is usually extensive, and staff watch for any sort of illicit activity. If you're a really good fit for the setting, you can do some friendly chit-chat in the restaurant or game room or trucker's lounge, and drop some hints to an equally-friendly trucker that you'd like to get to know him BETTER.

The sort of places to look for include the obvious--and the not-so-obvious: rest areas, roadside parks, truckstops, parking lots (without truck restrictions) next to or across from 24-hour diners and adult bookstores, pull-offs and truck parking areas along rural highways, and at night--warehouses and stores (think large chain stores in particular) that get lots of deliveries but are open mostly during the day..for loading docks and secluded parking behind the buildings.