Updating changesets for cvs workspace

10-Jan-2020 07:35

This post is aimed at those who have been using Eclipse for a while, and probably have been using either the baked-in CVS or external SVN providers to store their source code.

The content of the post is about Git: what it means to you, as an Eclipse user, and specifically, how it affects how you obtain or work with projects from

(A changeset is merely a change to a set of files; if you think 'patch' from CVS or SVN, you're not far off.) Identifying a changeset is much harder.

We can't use a (global) revision number, because that concept isn't used.

Instead, a changeset is represented as a hash of its contents.

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These are generally performed against HEAD (a snapshot in time) and then applied later (sometimes months or even eight years later).Tags (or branches) are symbolic identifiers which may be attached to any specific set of files or repository revision, and are mostly for human consumption (e.g. Instead, a DVCS operates at the level of a changeset.