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The shared data may include:(1) the deceased individual's date of birth, race or national origin, gender, and zip code of residence;(2) any school or college the deceased individual was attending at the time of death;(3) the suicide method used by the deceased individual;(4) the deceased individual's status as a veteran or member of the armed services; and(5) the date of the deceased individual's death.(c) The suicide data an authorized entity receives or provides under Subsection (b) is not confidential.(d) An authorized entity that receives suicide data under a memorandum of understanding authorized by this section may periodically release suicide data that does not name a deceased individual to an agency or organization with recognized expertise in suicide prevention. (a) In this section, "authorized entity" means a medical examiner, a local registrar, a local health authority, a local mental health authority, a community mental health center, a mental health center that acts as a collection agent for the suicide data reported by community mental health centers, or any other political subdivision of this state.(b) An authorized entity may enter into a memorandum of understanding with another authorized entity to share suicide data that does not name a deceased individual. (a) In this section, "catastrophe" means the occurrence of a substantial force that causes widespread or severe damage, injury, or loss of life or property and from which it is not reasonable to assume that a person could survive, including:(1) flood, earthquake, tornado, or other natural disaster;(2) explosion, fire, or destruction of a building;(3) the crash of a motor vehicle, train, or airplane involving more than one person; or(4) the overtaking of more than one person by fire, water, earth, or other substance.(b) A local registrar shall issue and file a certificate of death by catastrophe for a person if:(1) an affidavit is submitted to the registrar stating that:(A) the person was last reasonably believed to be at the scene of a catastrophe;(B) at least 10 days have passed since the day of the catastrophe;(C) a diligent search has been made by a governmental authority and the authority has concluded the search for the person;(D) the catastrophe was not intentionally caused by the person; and(E) the affiant:(i) does not know whether the person is alive or dead;(ii) has not received any information about the person's status since the catastrophe and, barring the person's death, would have received information about the person's status;(iii) is not aware of any custody or guardianship issues involving the person, if the person is a minor or a person for whom a guardian has been appointed; and(iv) is not aware of any reasonable motive for the person to disappear or for another person to abduct the person; and(2) a written statement signed by an agent of the governmental authority that conducts a search under Subdivision (1)(C) is submitted to the registrar stating that the governmental authority conducted and concluded a search for the person.(c) The department may issue a certificate of death by catastrophe for a minor or a person for whom a guardian has been appointed who is the subject of a custody or guardianship dispute only if all parties to the dispute submit an affidavit under Subsection (b).(d) An insurer shall accept as proof of death of an insured a certificate of death by catastrophe issued under this section. The agency or organization may use suicide data received by the agency or organization under this subsection only for suicide prevention purposes.(e) An authorized entity or an employee or agent of an authorized entity is not civilly or criminally liable for receiving or providing suicide data that does not name a deceased individual and that may be shared under a memorandum of understanding authorized by this section.(f) This section does not prohibit the sharing of data as authorized by other law. Final disposition of the body may not be made unless specifically authorized by the person responsible for completing the medical certification.(h) The person completing the medical certification shall submit the information and attest to its validity using an electronic process approved by the state registrar.(i) On receipt of autopsy results or other information that would change the information in the medical certification on the death certificate, the appropriate certifier shall immediately report the change in a manner prescribed by the department to amend the death certificate.

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The court retains 50 cents of the fee and the remaining 50 cents is allocated to the clerk of the court for recording the certificate.(f) Not later than the seventh day after the date on which a certificate is accepted and ordered filed by a court under this section, the clerk of the court shall forward to the vital statistics unit:(1) the certificate; and(2) an order from the court that the state registrar accept the certificate. (a) The department shall prescribe the form and contents of death certificates and fetal death certificates.(a-1) In prescribing each form under Subsection (a), the department shall ensure that the form instructs the person required to file the death certificate or fetal death certificate to:(1) enter the date in the standard order of "month, day, year"; and(2) spell out the name of the month when entering the date.(b) The social security number shall be recorded on the death certificate and on any other records related to the death.(c) The department shall require death certificates and fetal death certificates to include the name of the place and the specific number of the plot, crypt, lawn crypt, or niche in which a decedent's remains will be interred or, if the remains will not be interred, the place and manner of other disposition.(d) The department and each local registrar shall make the information provided under Subsection (c) available to the public and may collect a fee in an amount prescribed under Section 191.0045 for providing that service. The person in charge of interment or in charge of removal of a body from a registration district for disposition shall:(1) obtain and file the death certificate or fetal death certificate;(2) enter on the certificate the information relating to disposition of the body; (3) sign the certificate; and(4) file the certificate electronically as specified by the state registrar. Ao Tarikb I_ZTgk W1-_4HFFVkm Bs ZAlso, since downloading and installing win 10 my disc was constantly running at 100%.

I looked up a lot of different solutions to fix the problem and now the disk spikes whenever I open any program up.

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