Updating kernel using aptitude

03-Jan-2020 00:30

To do this enter: aptitude safe-upgrade Quick note from Debian “The next step will vary depending on the set of packages that you have installed.These release notes give general advice about which method should be used, but if in doubt, it is recommended that you examine the package removals proposed by each method before proceeding.” However in my case it was fine and I proceeded, however you might want to check with the Debian Obsolete Packages.

To run screen type: screen To reconnect to a screen session: screen -rd Or if you don't have screen installed: aptitude install screen Before upgrading to Lenny, make sure your box is fully up to date using your existing apt sources for Etch, to do this: aptitude update && aptitude dist-upgrade If the updates you have applied include a kernel upgrade I would advise rebooting the server at this stage. Edit your , however take a moment to make sure you don’t have any other entries in your file.

Some services may need restarting (you will get asked to restart various services several times during the upgrade process).