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01-Oct-2019 23:37

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Good Morning, The Root Certificate on my boss's Moto Q is invalid now and wont' update his phone.

(microsoft exchange 0x80072f0d) He has never used a data cable to sync his phone.

But this new build of the OS isn't one of them, nor did I get a text message from Verizon saying something like "There's a new update from Motorola that you might want to try." I heeded Motorola's advice and, in some masochistic way, I'm glad I did.

The idea that a device's operating system (any device's operating system) has to be wiped out and reloaded -- as was the case with this new "build" of the Q's OS -- may be OK for some of us geeks and nerds out here in userland. Well, in answer to Dan's questions, I like it for a few features that are hard to find elsewhere.

One of the benefits of doing a long term test with something like a Windows Mobile-based Motorola Q smartphone is that you really get to experience all of its high and low points.

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In the About section of the settings menu, tap Versions. Find out how to update your watch with the Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview.I'm somewhat computer savvy but I don't really know what steps to take. I'll second that question -- I should definitely read more on this forum before asking such dumb questions, (hi, I'm new! I was toying around with the idea that the T-mobile Dash (aka HTC Excalibur) is a 'smartphone' running WM6 Standard. OMAP850 cpu on GSM; whereas the Q features an Intel XScale PXA272, and CDMA As a guy who has a Verizon Q which will likely be left at wm5 forever, I *really* want to try something out, but really am not excited about bricking my phone. My girlfriend has a Q, even though I adviseid her not to buy it because of it's wm5 (not even professional) shortcomings for a smartphone, and now she complains about the phone contstantly. with propper software this can eventualy be a good device... The Moto Q is a good phone, but being stuck with the crappy Windows Mobile 5 OS makes it a piece a crap these days. i just never been able to get it to dump, never try to rename the files. and I was able to get all of the files out of there. I often wonder how other Q owners are notified of this.

Verizon Wireless tell you to periodically dial *228 to get important updates for your phone.Is there a way to update activsync on his cell or do I have to do it on his desktop?

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