Updating operating system on mac

12-Sep-2019 13:19

And even if there are no issues often Apple's servers get overloaded as everyone rushes to update and that can really slow the process down.So we recommend you hold your horses and do some tidying up and preparation first.

Luckily there are a few ways you can try out High Sierra without removing an older version of OS X from your Mac, find out How to run mac OS on an external hard drive here or partition your hard drive and install Mac OS on it, we explain how here: How to dual-boot two Mac Operating systems on your Mac.

If you want you can jump right in and download High Sierra as soon as Apple makes the new operating system available. However, we'd advise you to hang on and let others discover if there are any issues with the new software before you install it.

High Sierra, which is the latest version of mac OS, appeared on the Mac App Store on 25 September 2017.

If space is looking tight, here's an article about freeing up space on your Mac.

You should also make sure that your Mac is completely healthy before installing a big update to the system.You can find out how to get beta versions of Apple's operating system here.