Updating quantum cryptography report big black dating

01-Jan-2020 16:04

Bitcoin achieved compelling capabilities and widespread use because blockchain technology enabled electronic cash to be implemented in a distributed fashion without controlling bodies and single points of failure.

The quantum cryptography market is witnessing a growing incident of cyber-attacks and increasing data security and privacy concerns.

This gives rise to the need to look for a better and quantum competent level of cryptography versus conventional cryptography methods.

Owing to the advancements in quantum computing and quantum information theory, the quantum computer poses a challenge to prevailing techniques of cryptography.

The vertical segment is categorized into BFSI, telecom and IT, government and defense, healthcare and life sciences, and consumer good and retail.

The quantum computing and quantum information technologies have brought in a potential threat to the current mechanism for information protection.“We want to help people understand how blockchains work so that they can appropriately and usefully apply them to technology problems,” said NIST computer scientist Dylan Yaga, who is one of the authors of the report.