Updating trainz asset

09-Dec-2019 02:57

You can use any model available from the Download Station in your layout, only the features for the room itself have to be constructed to the larger size, 87 times for HO scale.The posts on the forum show a number of very believable model railroad rooms and layouts – the Model Railroadz concept is explained here: Model Railroadz Trainz Forum I have been intrigued by this concept, and have again restarted constructing my model layout in Trainz, the Gesim Valley Railroad.If you have a boxed product, ensure the "Disable Online Features" box is unticked.4. Navigate to the Routes Menu and wait a minute or so.6. Recheck the Product Page to ensure the DLC item is compatible with your version of Trainz.The "Asset Download" window will appear and list your items available to download. If you do not have TANE SP1 installed, check this link:2. Check in Content Manager to ensure it isn't already installed.4.This page will show the progress and discuss the issues that arise and hopefully get solved, and give some idea on how to go about this project.I assume you have a basic concept of how to use Trainz, and the various tools and Menus.

If you have any problems during this process, please reply to this ticket and include information on which step could not be completed and what error message you are getting.

Please use the Search Box above to search for keywords related to your issue. For quick answers to general usability questions, we recommend your visit our friendly Trainz forums, To submit a Support Ticket, click on the Troubleshooter Button, then follow the steps through to the appropriate Category.

Login using your Simulator Central or My Trainz Username and Password. Errors and warnings enable both content creators and end-users to identify if content has any issues that could cause items to behave incorrectly or affect performance in-game.

In recent editions of the simulator, Trainz has introduced a 5 metre grid, but the tunnel limitations remain.

Nevertheless, some Trainz users have embarked on what they call Model Railroadz, choosing a model scale, say HO, them making assets 87 times larger to be used to construct a train room, these include walls, doors, ceilings floors, and other items.

These are some that have been converted into Trainz, Weimer’s Mill and an Ice Stage, and the real train room for the Gesim Valley Railroad: By its nature, a model railroad is limited in the available space and is usually quite crowded with track and uses sharply curved track.

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