Utorrent dht nodes updating

13-Oct-2019 03:30

Waiting to see if it stalls (DHT: 0 nodes) after these next 12 hours. DHT is still fresh after these 12 hours, with Socks Proxy turned off. I disabled the port forwarding from my router because I saw an IP Address that wasn't the Socks Proxy connecting.

Next test will be to turn Socks Proxy back on and DHT off. I compared the IP Address with the peers list of the torrent that I was running and it wasn't there, so I don't know what happened. Since DHT is off, it seems the Socks Proxy is related to this issue. Edit 05: After trying many combinations, there is one option that helps against this issue.

I still have some more tinkering that I want to do, but the basics are done.

Edit 01: I turned the Router Firewall back on and about 06 hours later I noticed that DHT: 0 nodes.

And port forwarding in the router is disabled for the q Bittorrent port.

If it doesn't start downloading the first time, pause and start again.

On the second time (you might have to try more than twice) it starts downloading here and DHT goes up if it is 0.

sets the max number of nodes to keep in the ping queue. --no-verify-id disable filtering nodes based on their node ID and external IP (allow any node in on the node list to hand out).

--ipv6 The first argument when launching the server is its own IP.

If you can, please try enabling the same option (don't forget to restart q Bittorrent) I have (marked in red) and report your results.

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