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Heather Zar is committed to reducing health inequalities in the world.Her drive to become a scientist began the day her aunt and uncle brought her into their laboratory; her preoccupation with social justice came from her own parents.“I have always felt a strong commitment to work in areas where there is a real need,” she says.

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Heather Zar has dedicated her career to improving the diagnosis and treatment of these common causes of childhood illness and mortality in her native South Africa.

The discovery reflects a dramatic physiological adjustment to severe environmental distress.

“To be able to figure out what the new fossil is, how it is related to other organisms, how it lived, and what it can tell us about the ancient environment is truly a scientific illumination,” says Professor Chang.

“It explores fundamental questions about who we are and where we came from.” Her discoveries over the past 50 years have helped explain the reasons and timeframe for evolving features in certain species of fish.

In 2013, one of her fossil analyses highlighted that 30 million years ago, fish developed thick skeletons to adapt to the high concentrations of calcium that occurred as the waters of the Tibetan Plateau ran dry.

Researchers from all over the world are invited to nominate candidates.