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Agree with r339- Renner has openly bragged about getting away with things on movie sets and has the same flat, shark-like gaze as Woody Allen. Adam Carolla and Garrison Keiller both have an unsettling lack of affect. I'll add to the earlier Nell Carter vote and for the same reason of a certain manic, exhausting energy. Marlon Brando---based on those excerpts from his past lovers, is definitely a creep. I know he's smart and funny and earnest, but he gives me the creeps. Jesse Plemons------ ( creepy hick guy in breaking bad) he's just creepy Vince Vaughn----- will not see a movie with him in it Jonah what's his face.....cannot stand him. TARYN MANNING: crack whore junkie lookin' bad speaking useless...... When I saw him as the romantic lead in Les Miserables, I kept thinking, WTF?!? I am compelled to place my thumb over her chin, hiding it in order to bring the proportions of her face into better symmetry. In order to prevent the ruin of those who know me, will know me, may know me, this compulsion governs me as I walk by newsstands and see her photo on magazine covers.

I don't think either one has ever exhibited actual facial expressions. Such hard and cruel features and the eyes bespoke madness. Taylor Swift- in that she seems soo programmed and asexual. Oz, the plastic surgeon on The Doctors Tori's husband-he of the tiny close together pig eyes Ronan Farrow-he of the cold dead fake Sinatra eyes Juliette Lewis-she of the mentally challenged looking cross eyes Arianna Lollypop Head Grande. They had several better looking men in lesser roles. People finding certain celebrities "creepy" have issues because they don't know them from Adam. Can you picture him handing out candy on Halloween? If you had to go down a dark alley and Russell Brand was standing there, could you do it? His hair is a greasy looking mop, and he looks like he'd smell really bad. (I take particular care to address them all.) It governs me when I am watching television or a movie and see her: I immediately run up to the television, no matter where I may be, no matter whom I may be with, to expertly and carefully and delicately place my thumb over her "constant companion."If, by chance, I happened to have glanced up at the television a moment too late, and narrowly miss its fleeing provocative image, so as to jeopardize my fulfilling my ritual (cruelty!

Couldn't agree more about Leon: The Professional either... Over time, more people will find out about sexist and homophobic views.[quote]Over time, more people will find out about sexist and homophobic views. Since I was a child , Angela Landsbury has always made my skin crawl .

even the "sanitized" version of that movie is fucking gross.[quote]David Copperfield Copperfield is a huge collector of antique coin-op and arcade pieces, and there's an annual show outside Chicago that starts about 5AM in a parking lot. Sad to say, black women don't care when it comes to successful black men. Mel Gibson is another one who Ive never liked , though I admit he was gorgeous in his youth .

Part of a mutant insect species, like a giant praying mantis. Lena Dunham - I think she's unhinged in every possible way. Her hollowed-out neck, her squinty eyes and pinched face, that severe haircut. Even before Claire Underwood, she comes off as icy and sparse to me. Adam Sandler is just a actor doing a job, same with Will Ferrell, but they don't hit the creep meter for me the way Andy Kaufman did. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Mc Conaughey[quote]Fred Armisen He has a reputation for being creepy.[quote]The majority of allegations—which broadly hold that Armisen is a manipulative and duplicitous lech—are scattered across various comment sections and social media platforms. The maid in their villa in France will find pieces of yellow, rotting flesh amid bloodied marijuana joints."History will be kind and reverent to the Obama Administration."JEEZUS I hope that was you making a funny.

Benedict Cumberbitch - he looks like an alien Tracy Morgan - I can't stand his voice & manner of speaking. Hard to distinguish between who you just don't like, and who really creeps you out. Bryan Craig of General Hospital gives off major creep vibes, could probably justify anything he does. I expect to wake up one day and find out she chopped Brad Pitt up like Lizzie Borden.

Guys are wandering around with flashlights looking in the back of U-Haul trucks, and here comes Copperfield in full eyeshadow and stage make-up at 5AM. African-American women are raised to mother and exult black men to their own demise. Going WAY back , Laurence Olivier always gave me the willies .

I confess I dont get the Martin Short hate , I find him hilarious . She looks creepier and more ghoulish on the red carpet than in TGWTDT. Of all the untalented, charmless mediocrities Hollywood has foisted on the public, she's one of the most repellent. Renner ----- creepy looking Larry King ------ die already Pete Davidson, yeah, i know.....who?? Made a HUGE deal to let everyone know he was a drunk but went to rehab...one cares you nobody. Whenever I see a photo of her and her "constant companion," I am compelled to act upon an uncontrollable, self-imposed ritual; otherwise, I am convinced I shall bring ultimate ruin to my family, friends, acquaintances, pen pals, etc., etc.

COMMON SENSE PROPOSALS FOR GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION, Everytown for Gun Safety. Webster, Governor Blagojevich Takes Action to Get Habitual Criminals Off Our Streets – Signs Bill Creating Class X Felony for Repeat Offenders with Guns; Governor also Signs Bills to Help Victims Recover from Crime GUN GROUPS, RIGHT-WING MEDIA COLLECTIVELY FEARMONGER OVER YEARS-OLD PROPOSAL TO KEEP GUNS FROM DOMESTIC ABUSERS, Timothy Johnson, Blog, Media Matters for America, June 11, 2015. GUN SAFETY: MURRAY, 19 SENATORS REQUEST REPORT ON EFFECTIVENESS OF PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAMS DESIGNED TO IMPACT GUN SAFETY, U. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, Washington, DC: November 18, 2015. Copyright © 2005 Amnesty International, International Action Network on Small Arms and Oxfam International.Next they get all kinds of facial work done so they look like plastic sex dolls. Plus, he STOLE the Oscar from Michael Keaton, who deserved it. EVERYTHING: crappy by-the-numbers pop music, fake romantic relationships, fake friendships with other celebrities, fake 'girl' squad Russell Brand - always looks as if he's covered in a film of oil, I can't even look at him, he's so fucking repulsive Carla Bruni. Any celeb who always looks dirty, the kind of celebrity who you can almost smell through the TV or theater screen!