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Finally in 1998, their debut EP Evanescence was released and their second EP Sound Asleep EP was released the following year. After performing in several shows and recording several EP's, they began working on their debut album and their debut studio album, Fallen was finally released on 4th of March 2003. World Music Awards is also one of the prestigious music awards and it was founded to honor Albert II, Prince of Monaco.

As Evanescence member, she got her first nomination in this award in 2004 and they were honored for Best Rock Artist.

With three chart-topping albums since 2002 and numerous No.

1 radio hits including "Fake It" and "Rise Above This" off their current full-length Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, Seether is one of the biggest modern rock bands on the planet right now.

A South Africa native, Shaun relocated to the United States for the sake of his band's career.

From 2003 to 2005, he was in a relationship with Evanescence's Amy Lee.

Yeah, I did write some songs that were complete lash backs, but those I knew were never intended to be used, they were just for me, personally.

I'm not going to say that some songs don't touch on that subject, but not in an obvious fashion.

At the end of 2003, Moody left the band and Terry Balsamo took his place later.She appeared as the feature artist in the 2004 single, Broken.Her net worth is said to be around million dollars. That year, she co-founded the rock band Evanescence.On 8th of January 2007, Amy got engaged to Josh Hartzler.

But she conformed this engaged the following day at the live broadcast of Much Music's. That year, she co-founded the rock band Evanescence.

I'm never going to air out anybody else's dirty laundry. And I think that was the route she felt she needed to take. But I'm telling you, as much as you've just given me accolades, it was a tough decision to make. If you consider it to be a tribute to somebody, then you'd rather it was successful than it wasn't.