Who is trace ayala dating duncan james dating 2016

09-Nov-2019 23:38

A source reveals Ayala proposed in front of her family last Friday night in Chicago with a 3.5-carat cushion-cut white diamond ring surrounded by yellow diamonds.The source also says they plan on marrying in the spring in Ayala's hometown of Memphis.(Look for him at the next concert you go to, he'll be on tour till Nov.7th.) Trace is also dating Jenny Morris of Innosense."It is not just her, it is also him when he is with her — it is awesome," he said. She is just a great girl." Ayala said he and his girlfriend, actress Joanna Garcia, occasionally double date with the celeb couple "when we have time." Ayala's tip for a successful relationship?"For us, it is very important that both people have their own thing going on," he said, "and that there is a lot of time for yourself.The two have known each other since they were babies, and are really tight still.

And space rhymes with Trace, so everyone started calling me that." Birthdate: November 26, 1980 (He's currently 19) Born in: Memphis, TN Grew up in: Millington, TN Current Residence: Orlando, FL Parents; Juan and Belinda Ayala Siblings: Brittany, 15; Brant, 12 Previous Occupation: NYPD Pizza in Orlando.

November 2008: The couple is seen walking their dogs together, making for one adorable pack. So I protect it, and until somebody shows me what would be more fulfilling at this point, that's what I have to do." In the coming months, he and Jessica fully reconcile their relationship. Sadie Bomar told Gossip Cop her grandson "called me on Christmas Day and told me he's engaged." She explained that Justin asked her not to share the news "until after the holidays" and shared that "the family loves Jessie. Jessica flaunted her stunning engagement ring at the Met Costume Gala in New York City. The engaged duo hammed it up for the Kiss Cam at a Lakers game.