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25-Sep-2019 00:03

A subsidiary of delivery and logistics multinational Fed Ex has stored extremely sensitive customer data on an open Amazon S3 bucket, essentially making all the information public.The tranche of data was discovered by Kromtech security researchers on 5 February.Researchers pointed out that the data seems to have been from 2009 to 2012, before the company was bought out.Kromtech's Bob Diachenko commented that anyone who used Bongo International during that era is at risk of having had their documents online for years.But US laws and regulations force organisations to admit to data breaches involving the customer, something which is not true in all countries.In the UK, the most important piece of legislation organisations must worry about is the Data Protection Act and the possibility of fines by the information commissioner (ICO).Bad dating advice also comes from stereotypes and generalizations, and it can be hard to get rid of that way of thinking. In a recent Ask Reddit thread, guys talked about what they think the worst advice women give other women is.If you’ve ever said or believed any of these things… Here are 10 pieces of the worst dating advice ever, according to dudes: reverber8Female: Don't act too interested.

In a written statement issued on 29 March, Under Armour said that it became aware of the breach on 25 March, though it actually occurred in late February 2018.

This is just a silly strategy, and it can so easily backfire.