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A framework for a given adaptive system requires the definition of a set of strategies $S$, a set of environments $E$, and criterion for ranking strategies $X$.A given adaptive plan is specified within this framework given the following set of objects: a search space $A$, a set of operators $O$, and feedback from the environment $I$.What I want to do now is dig deeper into the strategies for answering question #5: How do you know it works? The other questions are important, but relative to #5, answering them is pretty easy. accomplish this validation) is the source of a lot of confusion.There are many business and technical considerations that go into the decision to use OTS or SOUP software as part of a medical device.This section provides a summary of the Holland's seminal adaptive systems formalism and considers clonal selection as an example of an adaptive plan.This section presents a brief review of Holland's adaptive systems formalism described in [Holland1975] (Chapter 2).The variation highlights the restriction the representation and mapping have on the designs available to the adaptive plan.Further, such mappings may not be one-to-one, there may be many instances in the representation space that map to the same solution (or the reverse).

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x GET A FREE EMAIL COURSE ON WEB DEVELOPMENT Sign up now to get a free 8-part email course on learning web development.The work summarizes the formalism, presenting essentially the same framework, although he provides a specialization of the search space $A$.

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