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16-Oct-2019 10:46

While it's a smaller market I've got other friends who have successfully adapted my philosophy targeting other demographics (Sex and the City type career women and sorority girls respectively) and achieved fantastic results for their own goals.

To help break that down I classify them in three main categories(you may do it differently). These are the girls that want to settle down, get married, and have the kids and white picket fence.

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I figured I'd make this post mostly because it's a topic I enjoy water cooler or barroom talk about, and since people have some strong opinions about this it might lead to something interesting.

Secondly you have the freaks, who are motivated primarily by thrills(particularly sexual) and excitement.

They're the ones you see licking each other's boobs and dressed in crotch-high, skin-tight dresses at the club.

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Finally you've got the diggers....that are attracted primarily to guys who have status and money.

If we accept that women control sexual selection that it logically follows that the way to get what you want (whether that be laid, a harem, a girlfriend, or married) is dependent on your ability to give women what they want.

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